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“Critical conversations” series

Dear SCR Members,

You are cordially invited to our series of Critical Conversations at Van Mildert College this academic year. 

This is a series of open discussions about compelling topics.  A panel of three or four speakers (usually including a student speaker) introduces the discussion, after which conversation flows freely among the panellists and between panellists and audience members.  It’s not a debate: there’s no motion, no vote, and nobody wins.  The aim is simply that we all leave thinking about the topic in more sophisticated ways.  This year’s events are as follows:

Is Class Still Destiny?      26-Oct   7pm
Millie Spindloe   President of Van Mildert Class Soc    
Vikki Boliver        DU First-generation Scholars Network

Do we Live in a Democracy?        23-Nov  7:30pm
Sir John Curtice National treasure and Britain’s favourite psephologist
Darren Hughes  Chief Executive, Electoral Reform Society
Brian Carey         Asst Prof in Political Theory, Durham University
David Verkmann  Student speaker

What is Porn Doing to Us?           08-Feb  7pm
Clarissa Smith    Editor of the journal Porn Studies
Pandora Blake     Educator and Film Director/Performer
Myles Jackman   Obscenity lawyer

Should we be scared of AI?         29 Feb 7pm
Tony Maile          VP Global Growth at PS AI Labs
Tim Rideout        UK General Manager at Babylon, a company using AI innovations in healthcare
James Crooks     CIO of Durham University
Kerry McInerney   Research Associate at the Leverhulme Centre for the Future of Intelligence at
the University of Cambridge

It would be lovely to see you at these events.
If you’re coming to an event and you’d like to join the speakers for dinner afterwards, please let us know ([email protected]).